Incentive Winners €€€

The final results are in (thanks Jen) and ratified and verified by a committee (fair play, Frank):

Overall it was very good and March sales certainly going in right direction, so important to keep this momentum for what should be a strong few months. We’ll concentrate on the positives, and it’ll be interesting to see what the top performers do in business in April/May, which will be the big prize.

Anyway, here are the final placings:


Joe Dunne - €100 for 90+ subs and €100 for Adie bonus

Rob Melia - €100 for 90+ subs

Louise Dillon - €50 for 70+ subs

A huge well done to Joe, Rob and Louise. Setting the standards !!! Keep it up.

Quick fair play to the respectable “over-50s”, including Adam, Barry J, Hamish, Genevieve, Neringa, James P, Ed, Claire, Paul H, Karen D and Anthony.

Many thanks,


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