Do you want to make your Linkedin posts better?

Upgrade your Posts

  • Short and Snappy. Never let the "See more..." appear as very few people ever click on that.

  • If you are including a link make sure the link is within the character count shown as well.

  • Use a question in your post to enage

  • Use clickbait - make it engaging that entices someone to read your post or click through

  • If you want comments ask for them

  • Humour and surprise work well

  • Never use stock photos (we did on this occassion but lots of room for improvement)

  • Write for a 10 year old (proven to work - you can check this by checking on which also will show the readability of your post. You should be aiming to write and be understood for a 10 year old. Engagement will plummet the more complicated it is (such as for a university audience)

  • Never use a URL shortener ( etc) as you'll get penalised by LinkedIn

Some good ideas:

  • Using native video will give you phenomenal reach. This means uploading your own video to LinkedIn (not just a link to Youtube) We have a set up if you want to make videos where you can give your top tips, jobs of the week or you can simply do something on your phone. Get in touch if this is of interest.

  • Updates posted on mobile phones get promoted more by LinkedIn

Some posts with good engagement:

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