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Hi all,

Can’t believe it’s March already !!!

Now that the Beast has moved on, I know most teams are really focussing on growing activities to build momentum for coming months. This is really important and will set the tone for most of the year. There is no doubt that there are opportunities everywhere, but an individual and collective push to proactively engage will put us in really strong position to benefit from them.

To “kickstart” the actions, Jen has put together the following incentive :

Thursday 1st of March – Friday 30th of March

  • 70 subs out in March - €50 on Perfect Card

  • 90 subs out in March - €100 on Perfect Card

  • Adie bonus for the person with the highest amount of subs out = Additional €100 on Perfect Card

Sending candidates speculatively is great way to up sub figures up and get new roles on.

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