Just a note to let everyone know that our good friend Seán McDonagh is moving on from Dalriada at the end of the month. Having reached his 10 year anniversary with Dalriada in July he felt this was a natural break point to step away from the business for pastures new.

Seán has made a great impact in Dalriada and in executive search in Ireland and our group and I’d like to express huge thanks. He will obviously be in close touch and, no doubt, be out for pints in coming weeks. All the very, best for now, Seán.

As most of the areas in Sigmar are well equipped for senior appointments, the strong brand/track record of Dalriada is focused more on senior public sector and selective other appointments. We will update with future tenders/bids through Dalriada.

Also delighted that Lisa Sherry will be doing work in Managed Services where her skills and experience are greatly welcome as we get busier. Very welcome, Lisa.

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