Sigmar Champions League 2014/2015 - Final Standings!

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls,

The 2014/2015 has drawn to a close and the juggernaut of Fran Boats driven by Frank Farrelly has pipped Hamish Reid’s Coccolerai on the final day of the season! It looked a gimme for Hamish around the halfway/three quarter mark but couldn’t match his form from the first half of the season to hold onto first spot. Congrats to both though for excellent seasons

Honourable mention to Sam Breckon who had a monster May to win both Manager of the Month and get 3rd spot.

Dishonourable mention to our bottom 3 of Sean Kerr, Stephen Collins and Darragh Hogan. There is always next season lads!

I will be going around with the prizes to our winners in the coming days and below is the final standings:

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