Sigmar Bounty is back!

Hi All,

Great opportunity for everyone to make some €€€ and help Sigmar grow further!

In response to growing economy and increasing volume of business (hurray!!!) Sigmar is looking to hire Experienced Recruitment Consultants across majority of divisions and locations.

Therefore I am reviving our Consultant Referral Scheme J

How does it work?:

1. Refer an Experienced Recruitment Consultant* (Cv + applicant details via email directly to myself please)

2. If they are successful in the interview process and start with Sigmar you will get rewarded

3. €250 to your monthly pay after they successfully complete 1st month with Sigmar and another €250 to your monthly pay after they successfully complete their probation period*

to clarify:

*Experienced Consultants = minimum 1+ years recruitment experience within Agency and interested to work with us

*Payment applicable if referred candidate and you yourself is an employee of Sigmar at the time of payment

So, it is definitely worth your while to think – who do you know? who do you compete against? - side effect here is that you also wipe out your competition J



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