€1000 Bounty and be part of Gateway trip 2015

Hi all,

Great to get together on Friday, both for company meeting and good craic later on.

I know we have a few things to follow up on, and specifically I mentioned 2 new incentives:

  • Temporary €1000 bounty for introducing experienced consultants. As hopefully, ye know we recently introduced a reward of €500 for any member of staff who introduces a new experienced consultant. It is paid in two tranches of €250 and the consultants must have at least one year’s experience. Equally we commit to interview all introduced consultants. We have had some traction from a few consultants, but to increase awareness, for two weeks only (ends 28th July) we will double the bounty (and throw in a Bounty Bar !!!). So if ye have any thoughts, talk to Malwina or me or your manager. We will also run an ad (so Malwina can fill her inbox again !!!). We have done a bit of a factsheet on this and I will send it around later, as it may be a good reminder if you are talking to a prospective consultant. We will also include these facts in ad, so please suggest any additions that you might think of.

  • Gateway. We haven’t finalised the Gateway plan for 2015, but it is very, very likely to involve a trip to US. For the second half of 2014 we will chose an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to Business Development throughout the company. We should be aware of all achievement in biz dev, but don’t be afraid to point out to Frank or me !!! I’ll do the odd spontaneous Friday Biz Dev session and get all consultants in too. The “winner” be invited on the Gateway trip as part of their prize.

Thanks again. I know Frank et al, will confirm the other incentives that were mentioned, including the (easy !!!) new company target.



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