World Cup Fundraiser

Everyday over the World Cup you can bet on 1st goal scorer on the games that played day.


  • 1 bet = €1.

  • 1 bet per match.

  • You can bet on multiple matches each day.

  • If your bet comes up you will get to leave at 5.00pm the following day. You must take this the following day. It cannot be kept and used on a day you may prefer.

  • If you bet on more than one game that day and more than one bet wins the prize still remains you get to leave at 5.00pm the next day.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure the player you pick is playing. There will be no €1 refunds for players who don’t play in a match.

The first game is on tonight.

Brazil vs Croatia

Sue will be collecting monies at reception where you can make your predictions. For the regional offices you can ring in your predictions to Sue and we will collect the monies raised at the Summer BBQ.

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