Cracking a Million - Top 10 Performances in May

The final add up is done and the brilliant news of the month is that we cracked 1 million in NFI !!! Well done to everyone – it’s the joint effort and everyone’s contribution that made it possible!!

Special mentions go to this month’s TOP 10 Performers where we had:

  • Very strong female presence – 7 out of 10!

  • Strong Galway contingent – 3 out of 10 or even 4 - Hamish is half adopted to Galway at this stage 😉

  • And all our Top 10 achievers are over €23k!

Top 10 Performers for May:

At number 1 - Shaun O’Shea ( IT contracts & Germany) with €48.5K in billings to his name this month – great work Shaun!

At number 2 - Hamish Reid ( Financial Services) – welcome back Hamish, great to see you back in form!

At number 3 – Lorraine Duncan ( Accountancy) – its Lorraine’s first time on the list and I am sure there is more to come! I am delighted for you Lorraine!!

At number 4 – Karen Dempsey (Multilingual) – making the list yet again - well done Karen!

At number 5 – Elaine Murray (Office) – another familiar face on the list – good work Elaine!

At number 6 – Clara Henry (Science & Manuf.) – Great month Clara, keep them coming!

At number 7 – Ciara McGinn (Commercial team, Galway) – well done Ciara and we will be watching you tonight (10 pm @BBC2), I am sure you will be great at that too 😊

At number 8 – Alan McLoughlin (Insurance) – fair play, good to see you back Alan!

At number 9 – Cat Coogan (IT, Galway) – well done Cat!

At number 10 – Emma Ward (Engineering, Galway) – just few euros behind Cat, great work Emma!

Thanks & lets close H1 on a high with brilliant June !

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