Announcement: Strategic Partnership with Groupe Adéquat

Hi all,

Further to the discussions at our Strategy Day on agreeing a potential partner to accelerate growth of Sigmar, particularly internationally, we are sending the following note, in confidence. As mentioned, we would only agree a partner who would respect and embrace our culture and autonomy, and have some expertise and funding to fuel further growth. I am delighted that we have agreed with such a partner, Groupe Adequat from France.

Their key management team are over today and very keen to meet as many members of our team today/tomorrow. They are very keen give us more information of their organisation and to portray their company positively and supportively, hence the meeting at 4.30 today. We hope to arrange Skype chats with regional offices, maybe tomorrow morning.

So an important day in our growth story and will definitely accelerate opportunities, and please call/mail me at any time with any questions whatsoever.

Announcement: Strategic Partnership with Groupe Adéquat

We are delighted to announce that we are entering into a strategic partnership with Groupe Adéquat (GA). GA are a major French staffing firm with a very similar mindset and culture to Sigmar, who have major ambition to scale that aligns with ours.

As our reputation for being one of the most respected consultancies in Europe has grown, we have been approached by a number of investors (trade, private equity, institutional) in recent times. As you may know we have recently consolidated our shareholding which gave us an opportunity to consider strategic partnerships to help us grow faster. GA were initially attracted to us because of our brand and people and see the mutual international opportunity through investing further in the Sigmar brand to help us internationalize. Above all else they are extremely respectful of our autonomy and culture and to that point it will be business as usual day to day.

Indeed, it was mainly our shared culture and values that attracted us to them, so as we have always stated, we will build growth around our culture and maintain the positive, collaborative, developing, people-centered environment as we grow.

In Q1 of 2018 we will look towards an ambitious 5-year plan to substantially grow market share domestically and to scale internationally. Our ambition is 100% aligned with GA. As they look to scale globally, they have identified Sigmar as being the first strategic partner that will enable us both become a combined global player and in many ways become their beachhead into the English-speaking market. Our partnership with GA will allow us to accelerate our plans and create opportunity for all at Sigmar, while supporting GA to achieve their stage goal of surpassing €1b turnover in 2018.

We are very excited to work with the team in GA and for us to re-imagine what our collective ambition can achieve. Here’s to the next phase in the Sigmar story, to raising the bar even further and to everyone realizing their potential.

Many thanks,


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