Top 10 November!

Hi All,

A slightly delayed TOP 10, its important to recognise our top performers, with all the below billing over 20k

  • Hamish is back on top (this is despite his logistical issues (Too soon!).) Well done Hamish

  • Michelle Boyle with her best month ever is in 2nd – super stuff Michelle and it got her over the line for Principle

  • Next is the ever present Herr Shaun O’Shea. Good work Shaun.

  • Sam Breckon is back as part of Team Accountancies Top of the leader board month

  • EMMA WARD is in the top 10 for the first time and she is only a few months here. Brilliant Emma.

  • Cork are next with the legendary Marie O’Driscoll continuing her great year

  • She is just ahead of Elaine Murray another near ever present in T.TOP 10

  • Graham Crone is back after a few months break. Another good year so far Graham

  • Another new entrant and potentially the new contract king CHRIS STEWART. Happy days Chris

  • Clara Henry rounds off the Top 10 and I owe her an apology as November also got her past the post to principle. Sorry we missed you on Thursday Clara and we will make it up.



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