Julia promoted to Marketing Manager! Congrats!

I’m so-thrilled to announce that Julia Purcell is today, being promoted to Marketing & Communications Manager. This is in recognition of all her hard work in developing the Sigmar brand to become amongst the most respected in Europe. I know we are all immensely proud of the brand and I believe it’s fair to say that our brand opens doors for us all on a daily basis, giving us privileged access to clients and candidates that we otherwise wouldn’t have. Our brand reputation is further enhanced through all the thought leadership events we host and content we produce, and again it’s Julia who drives most of this activity. Julia, you’re deadly and thanks so-much for all you do to make us look good every day (and also to you Ruth).

We have also expanded Julia’s role to include Communications Management, which will compliment Jamie’s employee engagement remit in upping the ante around internal and external comms. Internal communication will always be a challenge as we scale, so we need to do more on this and I believe this development will help consistency and frequency of communication. When it comes to external communication, we have tons of rich content and insights to share and Julia will look to help with this while keeping us true to our values promise (Go Further Always, Integrity, Team, Action) to all stakeholders (Clients, Candidates, Colleagues, Community), which she herself reflects daily.

Julia, thank you, congrats, best of luck and looking forward to a celebratory pint in Malaga!



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